The First Real Life Meeting

After you've talked online, and on the phone, and you've exchanged poems, cards, and pictures.. eventually you both want to meet. It's only natural right? Isn't that what this was all about to begin with? Meeting someone? Happily ever after? It's sad to think that even when we're totally convinced that we've played it safe, we've used our best judgment, and we're sure we're going to be okay, that we still have to exercise extreme caution in making our plans. The following are guidelines that are basic. I'm not a fanatic about dating safety, I just believe that better safe than sorry and to err on the side of caution. Take it for what it's worth. I want to thank my good friend Klint, for his input, suggestions and involvement in the concept for this page. Wild!

    First Meeting Safety

  • Always Meet in a Public Place! Don't even agree that the parking lot is a good idea, you have NO protection from anything in a parking lot and no, your car is NOT safe! You can be easily overpowered, you don't know if other cars in the parking lot are safe and nobody from within can see you.

  • Always Tell a Friend or Relative where you will be and write that information down!

  • Never allow yourself to be picked up for the first meeting. If you don't own transportation, get a ride from a friend, take a cab, or bus. Do not become a statistic! It is NEVER SAFE to leave your home with a total stranger or to give a total stranger your address. If you plan on drinking, get a ride from a friend though I would strongly advise against becoming inebriated in the presence of someone who is, basically, a stranger to you.

  • Never leave your purse unattended, even if the person you are meeting tells you they will watch it for you. Contained within your purse or whatever you carry is not only the obvious personal information, but your car and house keys. You may not notice they're gone.

  • NEVER EVER leave your drink on the bar! If you have to go to the bathroom, or leave for whatever reason, take your drink with you. If that is not possible, dump it out! Order a fresh one when you return. Rophynol is not the only drug you need to be concerned about, homemade knockout drops are very vogue now! Be safe, be smart, be aware.. Remember, knowledge is power, forewarned is forearmed.

  • If possible, get a cellular phone. Even if everything goes great, and I really hope it does, what if the unthinkable were to happen and you were followed home? Lock the car, don't open it for ANY reason unless you see red lights in your rear view and even then, only open that window about an inch. The cell phone is your friend. You don't even have to have good credit to get one now.

  • As an aside, it was recently demonstrated that Cranberry Juice has somewhat of a antidotal effect on drugs like Rophynol. While it cannot prevent you from becoming unconscious, it does allow you to retain some memory of the events. I don't know the specifics, but it doesn't hurt to drink some before you go out, or order a drink that contains it.

  • Be very aware of your surroundings! Memorize important landmarks such as where the telephone is, park in well lit areas, and ask someone to walk you to your car in the event the meeting does not go as well as you had hoped. You only have one life, protect it!

Anyone wishing to add to this list, or submit important stories that will help others, are invited to do so. Send your stories and suggestions to Wildxangel here. All suggestions and stories will be published. Remember, even if you don't want to relive the horrors of a tragic or bad experience, you wouldn't wish it on someone else. Help others avoid the unpleasantness. That's what this site is for. Wild.

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