The Real Story
Updated March 07, 2000

For a long time, I've been writing about game players, we all know they're out there. What follows has to be the epitome of a Game Player. What this man went through was emotionally devastating but worse still is that this woman, and countless others like her are still out there, still online and still toying with the emotions of very real, vulnerable human beings. Here is his story:

My Horrible Story - As I read through some of your letters I couldnt help but but think back and totally relate. In May I left my wife of 8 years after having horrible problems for so long. I moved in with my brother and at night was very lonely. So I started frequenting the chat rooms.

Well, I happened to meet "L" in one of the rooms. It started the same, talking a lot that night and then the emails. We emailed back and forth for a few days and then met again in the chat room. It became really intense very fast. We seemed to have so much in common and she said all the right things. She was going through a divorce as well. She had a little 4 year old boy and my daughter was 5 at the time.

It didnt take but a week and we were talking on the telephone. I cannot believe how fast it all happened. We were talking on average 3 hours a day easily on the phone plus the computer. I fell for her so bad and she did for me. Well, we planned on meeting over July 4th weekend. I remember how it was, kind of the big countdown from like 18 days or something. I at one time had hundreds of emails and e-cards from her. It felt so real, so good. I thought wow, I cant believe I met such a terrific girl. I remember how she described herself to me. 5'6 125, 36c-25-35..Im thinking, hmm, sounds really good to me. Her hair was down to her butt, long beautiful brown hair.

I wanted a picture of her so bad and she twice said she had sent them and they never arrived. That right there should have put an end to it for me, but I was already to caught up in it. I didnt want to do anything but talk to her on the phone, we talked until early into the morning. And it was really late for her since she lives in Miami and I live near Seattle. I started taking time off work and she was off of work too. I cant remember why she said she was off for two months.

She told me she was a registered nurse at Jackson Memorial in Miami. She graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in nursing. I knew everything about this woman. Well July 4th was coming quick and I can remember all the plans I had made. She was going to stay for a week. I reserved a room at the Edgewater Inn on the water front in downtown Seattle. I had a dozen red roses waiting for her. I was so excited I could hardly stand it. I had all these plans for us to have fun. My sister was excited for me too. My brothers and friends thought I was stupid and as it turns out they were right :)

I had talked to her until 3am her time and everything was great. She was so excited. She told me when she got off the airplane she was probably going to start crying for finally getting to hold me as she would put it. I remember I got to the airport about an hour early and I waited and her plane was an hour late also. So for two hours I sat there all dressed up with a single rose in my hand and finally here came her plane. I walked over and everyone started coming off the plane I had a huge smile on my face..Remember I had not seen a picture of her. She told me what she would be wearing. The last girl off the plane looked at me, looked at the rose and said "I'm the last one, I'm sorry." I shrunk, I felt about an inch tall. I thought, oh my god, no way...

I went to the ticket counter and sure enough she had missed her flight out of Miami. I couldnt believe it, I went to my car and called her on my cell phone. No answer no nothing...Her brother was living with her at the time, he was my age. I thought, why isnt anyone answering. She dogged me so bad, I was so pissed. I was hurt, I didnt want to go back to my brothers because some of my friends were there and I was totally humiliated. I called and talked to one of my buddies and we went and got drunk.

Well I get home and of course there is an email from her sister telling me that L, her brother and her son had all been in a horrible car accident. They were all busted up and she broke her nose, all kinds of things. I didnt get to talk to her for a day or two. She was like I cant believe you would think that David! I fell for it of course. I was so fricken trapped in this I didnt know how to get out.

Well, the long phone conversations continued and even increased actually. One day we talked for 10 hours and then when our cards ran out we talked on the computer. I would go to my friends and call her from there and talk for an hour or two. They were getting irritated Im sure. It just so happens I have some of the best friends you could ever ask for. Rex and Craig would do anything in the world for me. Well, I wanted to meet her and we were talking that as soon as her nose was okay we would meet.

Well then she was in the hospital and had to have surgey for blood clots?? I didnt know, but now it seems weird that she would have such invasive surgey for blood clots. They had to go through her back, it was major surgery. I talked to her everyday she was in the hospital.

I would actually even talk to her until she fell asleep at night because she was scared in there at night by herself. She got out of the hospital after 10 days or something. After she was home for awhile I suggested that I fly down there for a while and take care of her. She was excited about it and so I booked a flight to Miami. The night I was leaving for Miami, a red eye flight, she asked me to call her from the airport in Seattle.

This was now into mid August at this point so we had been talking for quite awhile now. I felt I was totally in love with her. I couldnt wait to be with her. I wanted to be there for her and take care of her. So I get to the airport and call her..She says she has to tell me something..She told me she had cancer and thats why she was is the hospital. And asked me if I still wanted to come there. I was like of course, we will talk when I get there. So I fly all night long to Miami, I felt "good" about the whole thing. I get to Miami and walk off the plane, heart pounding so fast..Nobody there..I looked all over...nobody..I almost threw up. I couldnt believe it happened again to me. Im in Maimi, alone, god I was so mad.

So I think, well maybe she is back in the hospital so I get a cab and a room right across from the hospital. I call her house, no answer..I call the hospital and they say that there isnt a LW registered there. Well, this lady was VERY helpful...I said she was there before and she said no, there was a MW not a L. Im like, why would she lie about her name? So I look in the phone book and sure enough there is a MW with L's address. At this point Im ready to kick some ass..I was hurt but pissed.

I take a cab to her house. 160.00 cab ride. She had told me how nice her house was. It was in a great neighborhood and like 3500 sq.ft. Hood is right..It was like the projects, not to offend anyone but not what I expected at all. I got to her house and knocked on the door. No answer...I looked in the window and saw this guy peeking around the corner. I yelled at him to come to the door. So he did, and its her husband. At that point I thought they were screwing with me. I was very confontational with him. Oh thats right, hes a Florida State trooper...I didnt care..He was like, "You know she is married dont you! " I just told him I knew all about him, asshole. Hes probably a nice guy.

Well I ended up staying at the hotel and finally got a hold of her and there was this big story of him getting jealous and freaking out and wouldnt let her leave the house and pulled the phone out of the wall. I told her you either come here or Im gone and its over. I was scared, I didnt want it to be over. I ended up staying for 3 days, doing nothing, I couldnt eat or sleep. My friends, my brother, my sister and especially my dad were so afraid for me and wanted me to come home.

I cried on the phone to my dad.. He felt so bad for me, my sister was very upset as well. God, I was crushed, defeated. It all fell apart in an instant. I felt again humiliated and worthless. Stupid. I started thinking about my daughter. I threw up because I felt so far away from her and oh god did I need her. I would have given anything to be able to hold her then. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me..My little angel

My dad wanted me to leave NOW. He called the airlines, I said I would just stay for the week so I didnt have to pay 1000.00 to leave early. My dad paid it for me so I would leave NOW. I left without ever seeing "L". Of course the minute I got out of the airport in Seattle my cell phone was ringing. She was still trying to fuck my life up. I talked to her for a bit. I have never met anyone in all my life who was this deceitful, this cruel, so incredibly mean. Who could do this to someone? I still cant quite comprehend it. Yet I couldnt bring myself to say it. I finally found out the entire truth. Her brother A who was my age, was her son and he was 20. His girlfriend told me the whole truth. Her name is M not L. Her son A, thats her grandson, she has another son named M. Her and her husband were not getting a divorce and she was not a nurse, she worked as a receptionist there. It was all a big lie. There was no car wreck..she is a freak..a complete freak!

I went on the biggest emotional roller coaster ride of my life. I was drained emotionally and finacially from my divorce and this relationship. It cost me thoudands of dollars. My own stupidity actually cost me. Needless to say I learned a big lesson. It actually didnt take that long after I found out the truth to get past it enough to function properly. I hate her with a passion now and hope she burns in hell forever. She is the big loser here. She has to exist in her fantasy world and be miserable. Me, Im okay, my life is great and I have a lot of people in my life who love me and Ill always be grateful for my family and friends who stood by me the whole time and helped me through all the tough times. I love you guys...Thanks a million..I hope this might help someone else out. But the truth is you really have to learn for yourself. Hopefully it wont be as costly.

Wild's Reply - I have no doubt that it will help many, many people. If nothing else, I'm sure that everybody can see themselves in you, and to some extent, L. I don't know what kind of sick thrills would possess someone to utterly and completely destroy another - another whom they've never met, has never done anything to them, and has no reason to dislike. Sick, sick, sick - I hope she gets hers!