"Might as well face it, you're addicted to love"

The Real Story
Added October 1, 1998

October 1, 1998 - Ok here it goes. about a year ago my mom started getting online a lot and one of her friends got her into talking in chat rooms. well this friend also cheats on her husband wiht men online and she got my mom into it. my started cheating wiht this guy. this was right after her granmother died. and she uses that for an excuse. she used to see this guy once a week and they talked online my uncle met him. he lives in another state about 1 hour away from here. she began changing not being there for me (i am 13) and she says that i dont need her as much but in my opinion i need her more.

I know this guy is bad news and everyone agrees wih me. we all know he using her you see he is married also. so what does a 40 year old guy wiht 3 kids want wiht a woman who lives out of stae. pluse i got a really bad feeling about him. we all told her but she winds up jumping down our throats. and i am or was extremly close to her. and she worked a lot and even when i was sick she would work and leave me wiht my grandparents but now she met him and she takes time off. this makes me feel like she cares about him more. which that shows i am right. my mother and i were very close. but since this guy we have been fighting and this hurts me. she said she broke it off wiht him and she doesnt meet him anymore but she talks to him on the the phone and online all the time online. she lies all the time or did and i am finding it hard to trust her. please help.

Wild's Reply - First, let me tell you how much I do feel for you and your impossible situation. Your mother has, unknowingly, become an "addict". She is addicted to the net and to chat. How or why this happens is a phenomenon I don't understand. But I know firsthand that it does - I was there myself. I can't explain the feeling that overtakes you when you fall into the net-addiction trap, but it is overwhelming and consuming - and everything else becomes secondary to your "need" to chat. It's not chemical, it's psychological and that's where I just don't get it. What does he want with your mother? I don't know. He may just enjoy the online fling and the excitement as much as she does. They may be making plans to leave their spouses for each other. I can't tell you how sorry I am for you and the separation you are experiencing. However, I'd like to suggest you visit Net Addiction and see if there are any resources there that might help you. My fingers are crossed for you. Good luck.