Internet Related Crimes

Updated September 09, 2004

Georgia Men Arrested in Abduction of Teens from Net!
Soldier Kills Self after Arrest for Soliciting Minor Online
Chatroom Boy Missing After Going Online
Chatroom Boy Found After Trist with Adult From Net
Chatroom man had Sex with Schoolgirl
Every British child to receive Chatroom Instruction
Man Jailed After Abducting Online Teen Pal
Marine Arrested after Running Off with 12 Year Old
Elite School Headmaster Sends Porn to Students Online
Two Men Charged With Propositioning Minors Online
Four Arrested as Suspected Internet Predators
Man Arrested for Soliciting Minor Online for Sex
Non Commercial Use of Internet for Sexual Exploitataion
Online Violence often Teen vs. Teen
Woman and girl Killed over Alleged Internet Affair
Girl 13 Found dead along with body of 47 year old net abductor
Slavemaster gets the Death Penalty!
Briton accused of internet teen sex
Children terrorized by "online bullies"

Girl, 13, Murdered by Man from Net Chatroom
Man arrested after date with girl, 12
Man cuts of testicles of man he met on net
Woman fakes kidnapping to avoid meeting net lover
Crime linked to net dating sites is soaring!
Man, 61, poses as teen to lure girl, 16
Scorned Man poses Nude Pictures of PenPal on Net
Internet Porn Addicts Advised to Log On With Partner
Internet Users Not Geeky Loners
Bills Aimed at Thwarting Online Sex Predators Unveiled
Sex fiend jailed after recruited rape gang on internet
Child Pornographer Jailed for 1,335 Years!
Web Couple Held Teen As Sex Slave!
Child Porn Man Spent Up to 15 Hours a Day on Net
Chat Room Man Wanted Someone to Rape And Torture His Wife
Dutch Man Travelled To Chicago For Child Sex
Connecticut Mayor Arrested For Engaging in Sex With Minor
Teen Sex Suspect Snared in Michigan
8 Years for Sex Tourist who Preyed on Young Girls
Scholar Jailed After Paedophilic Attack after Net Chat
Street Actress encountered online Pervert in Real Life
Official who wanted girl to kick him in the groin faces jail
Man who lived in teenage lover's closet gets seven years
Internet Cancer Hoaxer Will Not Face Jail
Priest arrested over 'explicit internet chat'
Girl Dies After Losing Internet Boyfriend's Address

Search Continues for Internet Date Girl
School Bus Driver Jailed For Abducting Girl He Met On Internet
Housewife Killed by Lover She Met On Net
Jilted Lover Posts Nude Pictures of Ex Online
Woman Let Son Post Naked Pictures on Internet
Naked Photos Website Gives Angry ExBoyfriends Revenge
Internet Abuser Jailed for 7.5 Years
Rise in Gonorrhea Linked to Chatrooms
Judge Delays Sentence on Internet Kidnapper
Woman Dies Day After Meeting Internet Lover
Scholar/Pedophile Attacks Chat Friend
Parents Sue School
Teacher Jailed for Sex Net Messages
Woman Harasses SIL with Net Personal Ad
Woman Lures Boy to His Death
Radio Host Tries to Lure Girl For Sex
Teacher Accused of Raping 12 Year Old
Man Sentenced for Luring Girl
5 Years For Man Who Lured Girl
Teacher Admits She Lured Girl for Sex Via Chatroom
Net Lover's New Love Kept Old Love In Freezer
Minnesota Man Arrested After Luring Gay Teen
Man Lures Girl to Greece
Armed Officer Lures Teen For Sex
Housewife Terrified By Email Threats
Man Convicted in Net Sex Sting
Lawyer Advertises 14 Year old On Net
Woman Raped By Man She Met Online
Man Ordered Woman to Molest Children
Chat Friends Witness Woman's Shooting
Naughton Gets 5 Years
Cop Charged - Sex With Minor
Man "Haunts" Girl Into Sex
Father Nabs Boy's Would-Be Molester
Five Rape Girl They Met Online
Pedophile Case Out - Victim Was Cop
Drifter Charged w/Luring Teen
Online Relationship Ends In Death
Man Used Net To Lure Boys
Cops Seek Net Sex Victims
Man Accused of Scamming Online Women
Woman Arrested For Sex with Boy
Couple Rapes Girl Met Online
Charges Filed in Adult/Minor Case
Missing Girl Had Net Tryst