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In Memory of Megan - Click to read her story in the St. Charles Journal
In Memory of Megan Meier

There was a small story recently that seemed to pass by largely unnoticed. When I read this story, I became more than a little unsettled. I was outraged, I bled for the victim, her family and tried to wrap my head around what I consider to be one of the most heinous, calculated, vile acts ever committed upon a child by an adult.

Megan's story isn't what you'd expect to find here. She wasn't lured from her home by an internet predator and killed. She didn't spend money on the guy who turned out to be different than his picture. Oh no. This guy didn't exist at all. This guy was the creation of the parents of a former friend of Megan Meier. Megan had recently decided to just call quits the on-again/off-again friendship with the daughter of these parents and that just wouldn't do. Precious needs to have her friend and what if Megan is saying bad things about their little princess? So these parents conspired to create "Josh". A really hot 16 year old boy who contacted Megan through her MySpace page and took this 14 year old girl, a 14 year old with a history of weight problems, depression and low self-esteem, on an unbelievable journey. Oh they were masterful. They brought Megan up, up up. She was pretty, she was smart, she was everything she'd ever want to hear from a male and she was hearing it from Josh. Josh who had his own hard luck story of a hardscrabble youth without a father. But for Megan, where would he be?

And then one day, Megan's world imploded. With just one post, Josh blew Megan away. "I don't think I want to be your friend anymore because I hear you don't treat your friends very well." Megan was frantic. What was happening? Long story short, as Megan's mother left for an appointment, insisting that Megan sign off, things just got worse. Megan couldn't sign off, she couldn't tear herself away from the drama unfolding before her eyes. It was an ambush.

After Megan's mother got home, and she and Megan's father prepared dinner, a feeling of dread came over Megan's mother. She raced upstairs to Megan's room to find her daughter hanging by a belt. Megan later died.

People on the net due heinous shit to people for whatever reason. And it's fucked up. These people? These parents of Megan's friend.. These people who liked Megan's parents so much they stored their sports equipment at Megan's house, these fucked up lunatics were so concerned that Megan might be saying bad things about their little daughter, they created Josh to destroy Megan, just as they felt Megan had destroyed their baby. And they're okay with that.

So I dedicate this update, and very possibly this site, to Megan Meier. A beautiful, trusting, perhaps slightly naive soul who wanted love, acceptance and a relationship, and found horror, betrayal, deceit and tragedy online. And to the people who did this to you, may you rot like the vermin you are.

In Memory of Raymond Merrill
Killed by His Internet Lover in April 2006

Love is truly blind. All the red flags were raised by his friends and family, but after having bought her a $20,000 SUV, given her $10,000 to start a business, and headed to Brazil with a $5000 diamond ring, Raymond Merrill was never seen again until his killers were caught in possession of his credit cards and his charred remains were eventually identified. A true horror story you must read and pass on.
Stop and take a deep breath. Raymond Merrill was a decent guy. A "Catch" by any woman's standards. He was financially well off, self-sufficient, good looking and ripe for the picking. So what went so horribly wrong? Raymond Merill is dead. Drugged, Robbed and murdered for his money by his online lover and her real life bofriend.
Okay here we go, starting with letters which will actually be a selection of letters which have been sitting in the updates file waiting patiently. It's taken some time to get to these updates but boy am I ever motivated! Get a snack and maybe a tranquilizer - you are going to be pissed!
Think your new soulmate is Heaven Sent and can do no wrong? Guess again. Bobbi has uncovered a recent survey that shows that at a minimum, ONE THIRD of people who use online match sites LIE ABOUT THEIR MARITAL STATUS! And that's just the number who admitted it! Controversial? You bet! Hit the Discussion Forums and dig in. Go! Discussion Forum.
HE'S IN NIGERIA ON BUSINESS. Internet Daters have yet another scam to be wary of. Nigerian scammers taking on the role of professionals and business people in Nigeria who suffer a terrible setback out of their control and will their American fiancÚ please send money. The government is doing it's part. Nigerian Scams/Internet Daters.
New Feature! Yup, it's the Scam of the Month Section. Each month I'll highlight an opportunist (without actually naming names) who is eager to part you from your money! It doesn't even have to be a net lothario! It could be somebody who seems very legit, somebody who craves credibility and really has none. Check it out!

Still think people on the net are telling you the truth? Still think you can and should believe them, take them at their word? Love them, believe them, be with them? Propose to them, sleep with them... Kill for them? If you read nothing else, you MUST READ FATAL ERROR . Not only will you not be able to put it down, you'll be checking yourself over and over in reality check after reality check. This is a real story. They met on AOL, they fell in love. They met, they romanced, they got pregnant, they got engaged. Only one thing stood in the way of their future dreams and happiness. Her Husband. READ THIS BOOK!!!!
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