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Updated December 26, 2005 - Vitally important links contained herein

Oh yes they do! When it comes to loving money, there's no shame among scammers in Nigeria and there is no scheme too low. And if you're lonely and looking for love online, you are ripe for the picking.

What follows is an email exchange with a site visitor. I should warn that I get these letters more and more frequently. These scammers must be really good if they have people who are so confused about the motives of the scammer, even after hearing they've been scammed, they still think there might be a modicum of a chance that they love them.

"What is suspect is that he has told me that his passport was stolen and that he has to go through the process of getting visas, inc an american visa all over again. But he has shown me pictures of him all over the world. He's well travelled and he travels alot on business as well.

Here are the good things...maybe you might think they arent good things.

We plan to meet in Paris this summer, my schedule does not permit me to meet him any other time and he has to be in Paris around that time anyway, for business. He says he has family in the US and has had his sister call me... but I did not speak to her on the phone. It seems that his sisters and mother have green cards because when we talked about a destination wedding and he said they would be able to make it.. but I am not absolutely sure.

When I brought up the topic of green cards, he said he doesn't like the US and would much rather me come to Nigeria to live with him. But he has also said that it makes more sense for us to stay in the US... But that we should raise our kids in Nigeria...

He also said he had his own business there and he has a website which he has shown to me...and I've verified that he is in fact the President of that company. He's also spoken with my friends and family on the phone and they seem pleased with him.

I feel like I have a lot of evidence to support his not looking solely for a green card... I feel like I am falling in love with him.

Its just I have a lot of trouble with him saying he loves me... and so soon. I expressed my skepticism to him at first but have since given in and told him I love him too... I feel very strongly about him. And maybe its too soon or distant for it to be love but... well I don't know.

What do you think about whether he is just after a green card? Is there anything I can do to further probe him... to find out his true intentions...What if any advice can you give me?"

I reply: "What's wrong with you? Are you in some kind of fog? SNAP OUT OF IT! Read the following three times:

I am planning to marry a man I've never met.
I am planning to marry a man I've never met.
I am planning to marry a man I've never met.

Read it? Good - stay with me here. Now add..

I am planning to marry a man I've never met. He'll have to get a VISA because his passport was stolen.
I am planning to marry a man I've never met. He'll have to get a VISA because his passport was stolen.

keep going

I am planning to marry a man I've never met. I think he is a Mugu.
I am planning to marry a man I've never met. I think I am being or am about to be scammed.
I am planning to be scammed by a mugu I've never met and probably never will.

How long before he asked you for money? I mean offered to send you money, more than you needed actually, with the promise that you'd take the extra to Western Union for him and send it to him? He has asked hasn't he?

read these links

Government / Secret Service Alert About Nigerian Scams
Yet another link about Nigerian Scams

Nigerians don't seek out Americans to pursue love interests. They just don't. This smells like a scam to me".

Now I probably don't have to say this but I'm going to anyway. The news has covered this subject. Oh yes they have! Here are two stories from news sites

MSNBC Story about Nigerian Scammers targeting Internet Daters
Story in USA Today about Nigerian Scammers and Internet users

If you're not sure the government is doing everything it can to warn consumers away from Nigerian Scams, then you haven't seen LOOKS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE.COM. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to look this stuff up on a search engine. He/She uses the word "Nigeria" IN ANY CONTEXT and you run. On business in Nigeria, works in Nigeria, travels to Nigeria, has family in Nigeria, gets medical treatment in Nigeria, is stuck in Nigeria. YOU RUN AWAY!

You won't get your money back. Nigerians don't need to work as long as they have gullible people willing to send them money. They buy houses, cars and live extremely well from money you will never see again and the government won't recover for you. It's not love they're after. They don't want a green card or Visa. They just want your money. It's that simple.

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