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Originally posted January 1, 1998
Last Revision October 9, 1999

Since this site first launched in January 1998, internet dating has gone from obscure to accepted. The more books that are written about it, the more talk shows that are focussed on it, I've learned some things. I've learned that people will still believe only that which they want to believe. Take for example talk shows. I've been contacted by many of them. But for all the talk of lack of balance suffered by this site, why isn't anybody challenging the media? They will present happy couples who met online without interviewing those who were ripped off. For every happy marriage that came out of an internet meeting, there are likely several marriages ripped apart. I've gotten pretty jaded where media is concerned, giving fewer interviews and making myself less available. I've learned that no matter what I think they're going to do, based on what they say they're going to do, precious few actually intend to show things for what they are.

I've learned a lot about people. I've learned that things happen in internet singles communities that don't seem to happen anywhere else. The entire concept of chatrooms as being communities may be foreign to most, but to me, I accept them for what they are. Communities of friends, cliques, the occasional offensive person who is obviously embittered, too anti-social to grasp the concept of using the net to make friends, and people who come and go, probably moving on to other sites or whatever.

I have been and likely will continue to be "Wildxangel". The "x" in the handle is a general default for some chat programs, who replace an underscore with an x. In my case, however, the "x" had other, personal meanings. This site is Wildxangel because I created it. From my own experiences and from the experiences of others. It is a deeply personal site to me, I consider it my "baby". I nurture it, I update it frequently, and I cultivate it's growth. Every reader's input is important to me. So, read about my experiences, tips, etc. Read the stories and letters of others. Learn, educate yourself, enlighten yourself and make yourself very aware. This is the Real World of online singles life. Wild.

While most of the language here appears to be written about men, I wish to reiterate that the text contained within these information pages are based on my own experiences. Therefore, as a woman, I write about some of the men I have encountered. However, what happens to people on the net as a result of the actions of others, happens to everybody, regardless of gender. All of the information contained within this site applies to both sexes, and the Letters and Stories published on this site are from both men and women.


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