"Hey girl would you like some wine? What's your name? Are you by yourself? Are you the one? What's your sign? Can I take you home???"

The Internet's Players
Who Are You Really Talking To
What Do they Really Want?

It's amazing. You go to a chatroom or IRC for the first time and there are people there! Talking, laughing, joking around, playing wavs and even "painting" pictures with ASCII art. At first you're hesitant. Learning the program, just watching the conversations. Sooner or later, you're ready to start talking to them.

It's easy to assume that this entire medium is safe. Harmless even. After all, you're in the safety of your home or office. They don't know you, they don't know where you are. You can be anyone you want! You can even design a new persona.

You don't know them either...

The fact is, while many people are very serious about meeting others on the internet for the purpose of establishing a meaningful relationship, others just aren't. How do you know? Sincere people don't put on an act, insincere people do.

Who's seriously there to meet others and who isn't? By following the basic tips Covered Here, you can often get a feel by just calling them (or not getting their number or real e-mail address after time) of whether or not they're for real, but here are some other ways you can tell.

Now, having said all of the above, you have some of the strongest guidelines and precautions I could possibly think of. The "Players" aren't going to appreciate me too much for any of this. That's just fine with me.

As always, be careful, be safe - take good care of yourself. Wild.

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