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Original Artwork by Coeurpur, Vatche Tchividian and Joan Thomas.

New Postcard Format! The old Free Postcard program has been replaced. The new program contains four pages of custom cards sorted by category AND creates a private url for the card's recipient to get their card. No more waiting for the page to load to enter your claim check for your card!

Holiday And Occasion Cards
    Hysterical Art from Bignosebird - The Postcard Script's Author

Love and Romance Cards
    The Artwork you love, all on it's own page.

Cards that Reflect Emotions
    New cards added by the artists who's work I just love.

Humor and Friendship Cards
    Humor doesn't begin to cover some of the great photography here!

I wish to extend my sincere appreciation to Bruce Gronich for his awesome Free CGI Postcard Script and his assistance in getting it running, and Bill Kendrick for showing me how I totally botched the chat script he wrote, which showed me where I needed to fix the postcard cgi.

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