Chat Terms, lingo, language and jargon


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The following are commonly used Chat terms, and their associated descriptions, etc. I want to thank Ms. Cleo for providing me with the links to her downloads page and for offering these downloads for everyone.

  • LOL - Laughing Out Loud
  • ROFL - Rolling On the Floor, Laughing
  • BRB - Be Right Back
  • AFK - Away from Keyboard
  • A/S/L - Age, Sex and Location
  • ICQ - Internet Chat Program - Click Here to Get It
    Pirch - Internet Relay Chat Program - Click Here to Get It
  • mIRC - Internet Relay Chat Program - Click Here to Get It

    Color scripts, ASCII Art and more fun with mIRC - More scripts, ASCII art and players and stuff than you can believe! Click Here to Get There

Emoticons - Faces you can make, what they mean. Special thanks to the reader who sent them to me.

  • ^_^ - alternative smiley face.
  • ^_~ - uh.. what you said should be taken flirtatiously.
  • *^_^* - More than cheerful.
  • *^.^* - Bashful
  • ~_~ - Deep thought
  • O_o - Taken by surprise - unsure
  • O.O - simply astounded!!
  • ;_; - Sad, disappointed
  • o_o - transfixed (not to be confused with simply astounded)
  • ~.~ - Oooooh!!
  • >.< - Feeling stupid
The following are standard - I put em up here.
  • :) - Denotes something was said in a friendly way or as a joke
  • :P - Sticking your tongue out at someone
  • Ack - It's a sound, not a word. Denotes frustration or disbelief
  • 69 - When attached to someone's handle, unless it's the year they were born, they want sex
  • whacked - It's what men say about women who see the '69' on their handle and flatly reject them, i.e., "she's whacked"
  • Pow (or Pow wow) - Another internet chat program, more common in countries other than USA - Click Here To Get It
  • Colors - Programs you can use to write in colors in chat rooms, Click Here to Get One
  • Chat Code - Color and Sound Instructions that can also write in chatrooms as well as teach you how to set up your system to play and hear sounds sent by others. Click Here to get it
  • M/F - You've been "MorF'd" They want to know if you're male or female

If you know of any others that should be here, please Send Em to Me and I'll add 'em.