Submit Your Site For A Wild Award! - See Below for Details!

I am most honored to have been awarded several prestigious awards. I know the amount of time, effort and work that goes into developing a quality site.

Sites that meet the following criteria may submit their site:

  1. The Site Provides Valuable or Useful Information;
  2. The Site Contains Original Content Designed by It's Creator;
  3. The Site Contains Original Graphics (not a bunch of ripped graphics);
  4. The Site Design Presentation is professional overall in it's appearance and performance (i.e., load time, graphics display, etc.);
  5. You Agree that if you receive an Award, You will Provide a Link Back to This Site
  6. You Must Apply for this Award - It is Not Randomly Awarded.

Submission Procedure

To submit your site for an award, check on the status of a site you have submitted, or view the list of winners (since this program was implemented after the sites below), please click the button below.

Below is a list of past winners of the Wild Top Site Award. Future winners will be listed inside of the Award Center which you access by clicking the button above.

A Wild Top Site Award Winner

Bill & Diana - Having Met on the Net and now planning their wedding, this site is all about their wedding plans and preparation. Why's it a winner? The site design, layout and graphics are just that damn good!

Ben and Amanda's Homepage - These two met on the net and created a very innovative and artistic site. They earned it!

The 4nd Level - Karsten Gahn's homepage in German - I don't read German, but what I could read was hysterical. Excellent layout - A definite winner!

Jimmy MacDonald - Serene Photography - The artwork takes your breath away, the site layout is simple and easy on the eyes, the colors perfect. Definitely a Winner!

California Girl's Chat Site! - Great resource, well done!

Jose Machado's Awesome Art Site! - Free Art, Art from others, one of the most visually stunning sites I've ever seen!

Stan's Aussie Beer Site - A really fun site!

A-1 Internet Designs - Two teens - great designs!

Ask Heart Beat - A Great Advice Site with a Sistah Flava!

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